Scattering ashes at the edge of space

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At Celestial Rise, we believe that you should have the opportunity to celebrate and say goodbye to your loved ones on happier, more joyful terms. You can experience this with our intimate ceremonies, sending your loved one’s ashes into space using our specially engineered launch vehicle.

We provide families the opportunity to celebrate a loved one’s life on a beautiful, fully curated day, culminating in watching a loved one’s ashes gently floating up into the blue sky, on their journey into space, to be scattered under the stars.

See it in action

Scattering ashes in space

The Ceremony

This special ceremony is a blissful and joyful way of scattering ashes of your loved one, by gently releasing them by stars above. You are in control of the entire experience, customise the day as you want it to be – from the time of day to the location, at sunset or sunrise – it’s all up to you.

During the ceremony, say a couple of words, share some happy memories, laugh, smile, raise a glass to your loved one. Once you are ready, watch as they gently float up into the sky, on to the stars above, for their ashes to be peacefully scattered at the edge of space.

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Our feedback

A huge thanks to the CR team for a respectable, dignified and unique farewell.
My family and I were a little unsure of what to expect at first, but left with a memory we will share forever.


On what is always an emotional day, Nick, Scott & the team take care of everything to ensure your loved has the send off they deserve. I would highly recommend.


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