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Here are some of the questions we get asked the most about sending ashes into space. Like, ‘What happens to the ashes?’ and ‘How much does it cost to send your ashes into space?’

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Where do the cremation ashes go when they are scattered?

The cremated ashes will enter into the Mesosphere, Earth’s last atmospheric level before space. When released some of the scattered ashes will circulate in outer Earth’s atmosphere for eternity, slowly drifting in the delicate winds. Others will gently return to the earth in rain drops, touching down on mountains, rivers, oceans and land masses around the world – completing the cycle of life.

How many people can come to a launch of ashes into space?

It’s your day, you’re welcome to invite as many people as you like. We do ask that you notify us if it’s to be more than ten – but only so we can provide additional support operatives.

Can anyone come to a launch of ashes into space?

In theory yes, however most launch locations tend in be in large open land areas – this can mean terrain may be grassy or rough in places, making it more difficult for those with mobility difficulties. However we have a range of launch locations, so if you discuss your specific needs with us – we’re sure to find a location that works for you and your invitees.

How long does it take to spread the ashes in space?

The flight itself takes about 90 minutes. The preparation usually takes 45mins from start to launch, however we usually schedule a few hours to facilitate enough time for everyone to not feel rushed and to run the day as they want it to go.

How often do you do spread ashes in space?

We currently do cremated ash launches every Sunday in the winter and Saturday & Sunday in the summer. However you can also pick a weekday launch for a small charge.

Where do you launch ashes to space from?

We have a locations in the New Forest, Falmouth, Cambridgeshire, Gower (Wales) and The Cotswolds. However for a small charge you can pick your own location anywhere you like, even your own garden – subject to us getting approval to launch.

What if I have some special requests regarding the spreading of the ashes?

No problem, just speak with our operatives and we will see what we can do for you – we always try our best to meet your requirements. Some items may incur additional charges, but it depends on your specific requirements.

Can I pick a specific launch location I want – ie my house etc?

Yes, for a small charge you can pick your own spot – we are bound by CAA rules regarding the airways etc, so there are some restrictions, but most places are OK, ask us and we’ll find out.

How much does it cost to send your ashes into space?

Please take a look at our packages for prices – We have two packages available: Celestial package & Horizon Package.

How is this paid for?

We ask that you pay in full to secure the booking.

What if I change my mind?

If you cancel your flight 20+ days before the launch day, we offer a full 100% refund. 19-14 days before launch day and we offer 50% and anything after this is non-refundable.

​Does this pollute the environment?

We only use natural tree latex balloons, natural twine, and starch based clips – all of which are bio-degradable and environmentally safe. We do not leave waste, use plastics or metal frames like traditional Chinese lanterns. For any launches involving cameras we use parachutes and tracking equipment to recover everything we send up into the sky. We are careful where we launch to ensure we don’t drop anything into the sea or any water courses. We take a very environmentally centric approach to everything we do and work hard to minimise our carbon footprint.

​Are we creating space debris?

The ashes released do not enter orbit and do not go beyond the mesosphere, they enter the light winds that encircle the upper earth, where some remain, whilst others gently fall back to earth. At no point to the ashes become (what the media call) ‘space debris’.

​Do the balloons carrying cremated ashes pose a risk to aircraft?

We pick launch locations that are a safe distance from airports and busy airways. We get full CAA approval for every launch and put out a notice to airmen (NTA) to ensure we pose no risk to aircraft.

What happens if something goes wrong with the spreading of the ashes?

It’s extremely rare for anything to go wrong. At Celestial Rise we use the finest equipment, we triple check everything and have an impeccable success record. However as with anything, there is a very small risk something may fail, in which case we would offer a full refund immediately if we fail to deliver what was promised. As yet this is not something we have ever come across.

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