How do we send ashes to space?

How it works

So, how do we send your loved one’s ashes into space?

We use specially engineered, natural latex high-altitude Helium balloons, to carry your loved one’s ashes to space. The balloons are bio-degradable, as is the organic twine and starch-based clips we use – all of which are environmentally friendly and safe.

Your loved one’s ashes are released into upper mesosphere, a layer between Earth’s air atmosphere and space. Here they mix with the fine & delicate winds that encircle the upper earth, where some will remain indefinitely, whilst others will gently fall back to earth as tiny rain drops, touching every mountain, river and ocean on Earth.

At Celestial Rise, we pride ourselves in taking an environmentally conscious approach to what we do and work hard to minimise our carbon footprint. At Celestial Rise, we aim to send ashes to space sustainably and peacefully.

Pick your location

Pick a date and a location that works for you. Select a location from one of our beautiful launching spots in the New Forest, Falmouth, Cambridgeshire, Gower in Wales, or The Cotswolds.

You can also choose to launch from your own special place for a small charge, making it even more personal – whether its a location you hold close to your heart, or your very own garden, you can pick the launch point*

*Subject to Celestial Rise getting approval by the CAA to launch from the particular location.

On the day

Once everything has been organised by our team, its time to send your loved one’s ashes into space. Arrive on the day with your loved one’s ashes and we will take care of the rest. Our team will have everything set up, ready for the launch of your loved one.

After a brief introduction, our team will prepare the launch balloon, placing your loved one’s ashes on board. During this period, you and your guests can enjoy some refreshments. Once the balloon is ready, you take the lead. Share a few words, raise a glass and share fond memories of your loved one, before you release the ashes on their journey up to space.

For more information, head over to our FAQs page.

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