National Association of Funeral Directors Dinner with Celestial Rise

Last night our co-founder Nick, attended the Southern Area Federation AGM of the National Association of Funeral Directors, as the after dinner speaker. Discussing the topic of post cremation services and the gap that currently exists in this field. Nick believes that options are appearing, but aren’t really being adopted or offered by funeral directors yet.

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National Association of Funeral Directors Dinner with Celestial Rise

National Association of Funeral Directors Meeting

The National Association of Funeral Directors meeting which took place in Basingstoke, saw attendees from a range of independent funeral directors, such as Green Acres, Chris White & Ford Mears, through to large chain organisations such as The Co-op and Dignity.

Nick took the group through the current market and drew attention to the rise of services such as ashes into Jewellery, into glass & even into pictures. Demonstrating that there is a market for post cremation services and it’s growing strongly in the online sphere, but less so in the face to face world of the funeral director.

This represents a missed opportunity for funeral directors to offer their clients a far more robust offering, covering not only funeral services, but focusing on after care that extends into the months after the funeral. Currently funeral care often deals very comprehensively with the bereavement itself, but there is a genuine lack of support after this, where people could benefit from bereavement counselling, memorial services and options to address the urn of ash they’ve just taken receipt of.

Celestial Rise offers not only a great opportunity to do something memorable with a loved one’s cremated ashes, but more importantly it offers an opportunity for closure. Most clients use Celestial Rise 6-12 months after the cremation, at which point the raw emotion has reduced a little, allowing the bereaved to curate a day of remembrance that may be a little more joyful than the funeral was. Friends, family, even pets are able to attend a memorable day, which is customised to the bereaved’s wishes and may include such things as a champagne send off, live choirs, candle light vigils or even a BBQ picnic. During this memorial attendees can laugh, share stories, say some words – then when ready, let their loved one’s ashes go, watching them drift up towards the stars. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to say goodbye their way, in a separate service many months after the funeral itself.

Nick discussed the opportunity this provides funeral directors to engage with their customers beyond the funeral itself and how this would enhance their standing in the community, as a progressive funeral director, with a range of options beyond the standard offering. People want choice these days, word of mouth has never been so powerful and services such as that offered by Celestial Rise, can really be a powerful offering that customers will benefit from, whilst helping funeral directors continue to make a difference in their customer’s lives.


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