Send your pet's ashes to the edge of space


Don’t know what to do after your pet’s cremation? We all know that our pets are valued and loved members of the family. They deserve to be treated just like one of us. So, we offer your beloved pets the same experience and range of services. Send your pet’s ashes to the edge of space, so their ashes get peacefully scattered above the Earth. No matter where you are in the world, you know that your beloved pet will be watching over you from the stars up above.

What packages do we offer for your pet's ashes?

Celestial Package

The Celestial package includes the unique scattering ashes ceremony, that allows you to celebrate your loved one’s life and watch as they slowly drift up into space reaching a remarkable distance of more than 100,000ft.

Pick from one of our beautiful launch sites in the New Forest, Falmouth, Cambridgeshire, Gower in Wales or the Cotswolds. Invite as many guests as you like, so you can share the experience with your closest friends and family – you can even bring your pets. This ceremony also includes hot and cold refreshments for all of your guests to enjoy.

Have this memorable ceremony from just £1,550.

Contact us here for more information about this package.

Horizon Package

The Horizon Package includes everything in the Celestial Package, plus a very special added feature:

A full High Definition film of the balloon on it’s journey to the stars. The footage will also capture the ash release at >100,000ft. By having this amazing footage of the ceremony, you can cherish and relive the ceremony anytime you wish. ​

Have this Horizon package from just £3,550.

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Optional personalisations for your pet's ashes

We are no ordinary memorial service – we tailor each event specifically to you. Have a look through our most popular custom additions below – just to make the day even more perfect. This list is just a few of the customised additions that we offer, however, if there is anything else you would like to request, please contact us as no request is too big for us.

Release Two Together

After pet cremation, many people want to release two pets ashes together. To do this, we use two separate balloons and tie them together. Your pets can drift away to space together.

Pick the location

We know that location matters when it comes to marking special occasions. If you have a sentimental place in mind that you wish to have your space scattering ashes ceremony, let us know.

Champagne Toast

If you would like to add that extra touch whilst letting go of your loved into the edge of space, you can raise a glass at the moment of release with some bubbly champagne.

Professional Photos

Our professional photographer will take breath-taking shots throughout the day which will be collected into a beautiful photo album.

Sunrise Flight

You can request a sunrise ceremony which is a  popular request amongst our customers because nothing beats the tone and setting of a beautiful, warm sunrise.

Sunset Flight

Sunsets are also a popular request for launch. The sky is beautifully painted by bright, warm colours which can make the launch of the balloon very peaceful and even more stunning.

Evening Flight

If you’d like to set flight on a starry night, it can be arranged. We also suggest Candle Vigils to set the scene for your special scattering ashes ceremony.

Get in contact with our team at Celestial Rise and we can help create the perfect send off for your beloved pets as we provide the most unique pet funeral services.