Why would you send ashes to space?

Often Scott and I are asked why would anyone want to send ashes to space…it seems like a lot of effort. Well there are a number of reasons. But the first point to answer is that whilst it is complicated and difficult, it’s actually very easy for a customer – they come to us, we do all the work and they get to do something amazing with the ashes very easily, so not a lot of effort. So, be sure to contact us at Celestial Rise and let us do all of the work for you.

The next point is, why? – Well, that needs to be broken down to two answers:

Why would you send ashes to space? - Celestial Rise

Firstly, some people where the ashes go is very important. Perhaps their loved one was a huge fan of space, maybe there are multiple siblings that can’t decide who keeps the ashes, or (and this is most often the case) the bereaved just want to do something amazing with their loved one’s ashes – something better than the mantlepiece or leaving them in the loft. So, they send ashes to space.

Secondly, it’s about saying goodbye. Consider a bereavement, in most cases sprung upon you, it’s traumatic, tragic and in relative terms all quite rushed. A few days or weeks of frantic funeral planning and little time to come to terms with the loss. During those funerals, it’s actually very difficult for people to say goodbye and get true closure. Did you know that a huge number of people never collect their loved one’s ashes after a cremation? When asked why, the answer is always the same – ‘I wasn’t ready to face it’. People aren’t getting closure. Most of our customers come to us 6-9 months after a bereavement. At this time, the raw emotion has reduced somewhat and people are now looking for a way to celebrate their loved one’s life and say goodbye their own way, in their own time. We facilitate a beautiful, curated day, where family and friends, even the family pets, come together and celebrate their loved one to send ashes to space.

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